Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mission Trip!

Hey! You guys now get to hear ALL about my trip!

Day one: Tuesday:

First, we (My Team) had to watch some kids at a Bible camp thingy for a while.... not much action there. We'd had burgers for lunch and we served it all. That night, we had no work to do, so we went canoeing! I got to shoot a real bow :D (Light Arrow! :3) The best part; I was in a rowboat with some girl. My friend was in another boat passing us. Then, the girl tried to lift her oar over my friend, but instead it hit him in the face! XD Then, later, an easel fell on the same guy lolz.

Day two: Wendsday:

We had to do some work at a farm today. It wasn't bad. We got to destroy a chicken coop, and had to pull some weeds. I also learned I can Bench Press 50 pounds for 5 reps (250 pounds total) Here's the link for info on the farm. We also had to host a dinner for the church we were helping tonight. We met this one guy who looked SO much like Derek Jeter.

Day three: Thursday

We hosted the Bible camp thing again today. We did a funny play, that I MIGHT try to post up here. Later, we went canoeing again. I got to DRIVE a giant motor boat! It was AWESOME! My friend fell in the lake, Ooh! I forgot, on the way up, there was this Wiffle bat in the trailer, and it FELL OUT on the Highway! (Rofl) and the funniest 'scary' story EVER: The Gangster. He's invisible, hard to see, can teleport, and if you look at him funny or don't believe in him, He'll shoot you.

Day four: Friday

Today, we debriefed at Six Flags Great America. I ALMOST went on American Eagle! (Don't ask why I didn't). I got this epic t-shirt... and Six Flags was pretty uneventful. That's the trip!

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